Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This morning I was delighted to see a post by Muharem Hrnjadovic post about Stackless Python. Its great to see that its usage is getting widespread and its benefits demonstrated and shown to everyone.

I'm telling this because some time ago I started to play with Erlang and liked it a lot. Because of work issues I didn't have enough time to keep my studies (I plan to buy Joe Armstrong's book) but I found it a great language and with its focus on parallel processing made me think about a comparison with Stackless.

For my surprise, it happened today on Muharen's post. He did a great job creating both apps and comparing them even with graphics demonstrating the results. It showed that Stackless is great for the job and should be considered for a lot more projects than it is now.

For more information on Stackless visit, the Stackless mailing list or the Stackless Examples project hosted on where we have an increasing number of samples and day to day use cases.


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