13 comments Tuesday, November 20, 2007

After releasing PSP Stackless Python 2.5.1 last week, I started working on a project site to host the files, sources, documentation and issues for my Stackless Python port for the PSP.

You can reach the project here: http://pspstacklesspython.googlecode.com/

There you will find the Stackless Python 2.5.1 for PSP, now including a readme to clarify the installation and usage process, a Wiki that contains information on module usage, references to the modules ported by fraca7, build the interpreter from source, etc... I tried to condensate all information I posted on this blog to have it in one central place.

In the project page, one can create issues to report problems, feature requests and even patches to correct problems.

I created a zipped source for the last release and I`m also in process of uploading the code to the SVN repository.

I hope this makes the Stackless Python for PSP widespread and within reach of everyone, also dont forget to keep an eye on Stackless Examples Project, where you can find nice use cases for it.


15 comments Wednesday, November 14, 2007

After working some time on it, I have updated the Stackless Python for PSP to version 2.5.1, the latest version released and made the application user mode tested on 3.71 firmware.

In this release, I have fixes the problem exiting the application (where it locked the PSP) and tested many other functionality.

Here follows changes between last version:

- The SSL has been removed for now because it was not working on latest release.
- Fixed time and datetime modules to display correct dates and times based on PSP timezones and DST.
- Fixed problems on sys and os modules
- Ported to user mode and 3.xx kernel.

I hope many people could test this release and post feedbacks about it.

The package can be downloaded from here: http://stacklesspsp.googlepages.com/StacklessPSP2.5.1_1.zip

The installation is the same, put the "python" directory on your MS root and place the EBOOT.PBP in your PSP/GAME3xx or GAME dir if you set it to run 3.xx apps.

Check my older posts about module usage and tips. Also check this video posted by Domino Man showing a simple demo provided in this zip.