Wednesday, November 14, 2007

After working some time on it, I have updated the Stackless Python for PSP to version 2.5.1, the latest version released and made the application user mode tested on 3.71 firmware.

In this release, I have fixes the problem exiting the application (where it locked the PSP) and tested many other functionality.

Here follows changes between last version:

- The SSL has been removed for now because it was not working on latest release.
- Fixed time and datetime modules to display correct dates and times based on PSP timezones and DST.
- Fixed problems on sys and os modules
- Ported to user mode and 3.xx kernel.

I hope many people could test this release and post feedbacks about it.

The package can be downloaded from here:

The installation is the same, put the "python" directory on your MS root and place the EBOOT.PBP in your PSP/GAME3xx or GAME dir if you set it to run 3.xx apps.

Check my older posts about module usage and tips. Also check this video posted by Domino Man showing a simple demo provided in this zip.



Anonymous said...

Where can I find the sources?

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the sources?

Eric said...


This program don't works on my PSP Slim 3.72 Hx... start and go back to XMB.

Same on a 3.52 M33, and 3.71 M33.

I put directory python on MS root.

The eboot on a directory PSP/GAME/python/

Set up kernel on 3.xx on fat and no change on Slim one.

MaGiXieN from PSPGen (

Eric said...

And the sample video is no longer exist :(

Anonymous said...

Domino Man here. Sorry about the video disappearing. Here's a new link:

Eric said...

thnaxs Domino but the program ,continue to don't work here.

I'am waiting to post the news on PSPGen but I can't post something not working.

After one day I'am surprise to have no answer...

Carlos Eduardo said...

Hi Eric,
Carlos here... I'm curently using 3.71 M33 FW and got no problems running it.

Have you tried to put the EBOOT in GAME3xx dir?

Anyone else got a problem running this release?

Eric said...

I don't understand why it doen't works.

I tried on 3.xx dir and on normal one with 371 kernel mode.

I tried on a slim one with 3.72 HX

Perhaps I don't understand something.

I laucnh the eboot, it seems to start (green led flash a lot - loading)and after, go back to XMB.

What I Loose ?

Eric said...

this is the archive I have done to test it. Can you test it too please. Perhaps i really do something wrong.

download my archive of Stackless_python

It is just yours with files in ready to use normaly. (just unzip at MSROOT)

Carlos Eduardo said...


I just found out what is going on. You have put the EBOOT.PBP in the GAME/python dir but the Python interpreter looks for a file called that is executed when run.

It keeps the same functionality from fraca7's Python port.

I will update the post to have a detailed intruction on running scripts.

Just to test, download the game demo I posted and place all the files from ZIP into the same EBOOT dir, then run the app.


Anonymous said...

hi there
thx for this great python distribution for psp.
here I have experienced some bugs, maybe occuring with the non stackless python 2.5.1 version too.

- blitting a transparent image (a black surface (0,0,0,20) for example) over the screen surface with blend=True crashes the python interpreter on psp and we go back to xmb (it works flawlessly with pygame under ubuntu 7.10)

- when using the eboot.pbp as autorun with fw 3.52M33-4 (enabled with the recovery menu) I got a black screen (as I would have to get a python script workin at boot time) and my python script doesn't run, I have to shut down the psp and run the python script manually over xmb. Maybe something wrong with the eboot.pbp...

Thanx and keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

I omitted to mention that the blit of a transparent surface over the screen surface seems considered as a non transparent blit on psp2d with blend=False (on psp, and blend=True crashes).
Anyway it seems considered as transparent on pygame with blend=False or Blend=True (on ubuntu).

Ilya said...

Is there any way to download the sources? Without ability to embed/extend it with own modules, it's usage is very limited.

Francis said...

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Nik said...

can use/port it to 5.xx kernel? thanks

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