Friday, September 4, 2009

When I started planning to upgrade to Snow Leopard, I had two options on my head. Update from what it is now or do a full reinstall. Since I think my Macbook 3,1 became slower from the time I bought it (around 1 1/2 years ago), maybe a full cleanup and reinstall could get it snappier.

With this in mind, I started updating all installed software with AppFresh and ran a maintenance job using Onyx. Then, backup everything using Time Machine and pop the Snow Leopard DVD choosing a full install.

When the installation finished, I will restored my data and applications (previously cleaned up) with Migration Assistant from TM backup. The restore brought back all data from my previous profile including terminal exports, Macports data and system settings.

In case anything went wrong, I would restore Leopard and then do the "update" from Snow Leopard DVD.

After all, I feel my applications much faster to load and the system is more responsive. Really worth the upgrade.


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