Tuesday, November 20, 2007

After releasing PSP Stackless Python 2.5.1 last week, I started working on a project site to host the files, sources, documentation and issues for my Stackless Python port for the PSP.

You can reach the project here: http://pspstacklesspython.googlecode.com/

There you will find the Stackless Python 2.5.1 for PSP, now including a readme to clarify the installation and usage process, a Wiki that contains information on module usage, references to the modules ported by fraca7, build the interpreter from source, etc... I tried to condensate all information I posted on this blog to have it in one central place.

In the project page, one can create issues to report problems, feature requests and even patches to correct problems.

I created a zipped source for the last release and I`m also in process of uploading the code to the SVN repository.

I hope this makes the Stackless Python for PSP widespread and within reach of everyone, also dont forget to keep an eye on Stackless Examples Project, where you can find nice use cases for it.



Ilya said...

good job! that's just fantastic!

Carlos Eduardo said...

The SVN is now, up-to-date with the latest modifications from the 2.5.1 R1.

From now on, all commits will be made on this repository.

Ilya said...

svn command on the site didn't work, but I could get the source by issuing svn checkout http://pspstacklesspython.googlecode.com/svn/tags/PSPStacklessPython2.5.1_R1/

when trying to compile, I've got the following error:
make: *** No rule to make target `../Modules/getbuildinfo.o', needed by `StacklessPSP.elf'. Stop.

When trying to compile source from the zip, there was another error further in compilation
make: *** No rule to make target `pspogg/oggplayer.o', needed by `StacklessPSP.elf'. Stop.

Are there some forgotten files missing for svn or are the errors on my side?

Carlos Eduardo said...

Hi Ilya,

I have just checked out the tag http://pspstacklesspython.googlecode.com/svn/tags/PSPStacklessPython2.5.1_R1/
and for me it compiled perfectly.

There are some library pre-requisites to compile it, I will create a Wiki describing it later.

The problem you described dont seem related to any library dependency.

Is your toolchain updated?

Ilya said...

Comparing the files with the original stackless, I noticed that a some of them are missing and issuing svn update fixed the problem. Sorry for the false alarm

Eventually, I was able to compile the psp version with only one hiccup. The PSP/doc/InstallationGuide mentions cpplib that should be taken from svn http://python-psp.net/svn/trunk/cpplibs/ but svn refuses to checkout from this address and a browser shows 404 for it.
I've used the cpplib from svn://svn.ps2dev.org/psp/trunk/cpplibs/
I had to comment a few lines in psp2d and pspsnd in order to compile it as the source uses some things missing in headers.

When I used the binary to run sample from Gamedemo.zip I've got a couple of blue blinking dots instead of sprites. I think it's a consequence of using the wrong cpplibs. Where can I get the proper version? Otherwise everything seems to be fine upon a fast sleepy gaze.

Carlos Eduardo said...

Probably the problems you got running the demo was because of old cpplibs...

The correct repository for it is: svn://python-psp.net/python/trunk/cpplibs/

In some hours I will post a Wiki page with all information and requirements to build PSP Python.

ditto said...

does psp stackless lets you to pass files as irshell parameters? it would be pretty useful, (irshell is an app for psp that lets you browse files and open them with certain pbps that take files as parameters), i have read that it can be done in a couple of hours with the pbp's source, i think i could try doing it,
the irshell forums are at http://irshell.org/,
sorry for my poor english

Ilya said...

Thank you, Carlos. Now it works perfectly.

Nicesun said...

Amazing job in porting my favorite langage with stackless implementation to the psp.

However, I'm concerned with the licence google code display. (GPL v2).

Original Python (even Stackless) licence let you create commercial game. (Eve Online is the most known).

But GPL (if I make no mistake) seems a bit more restricting about this.

LGPL or original Python type licence would be more accurate, to me.

zack said...

subversion server:
not responding.

zack said...

Please insert the cpplibs source code in google-code subversion server.


Mr Mowgli said...

I look forward to a 2.6 port of this!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see that someone took the time to get this project going!

I have been searching around and can't seem to find any forums or discussions talking about stackless on the psp. I'm mainly just trying to find some more examples of games, and general talk about peoples experiences and problems with this. (it's nice to learn from other peoples mistakes)

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